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Guru Meditation Statute

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Guru Meditation Statute Empty Guru Meditation Statute

Post by Shoshi on Sat Aug 13, 2011 12:31 pm

Guru Meditation Statute Cloudangelbardown18dyGuru Meditation Statute Cloudangelbardown18dyGuru Meditation Statute Cloudangelbardown18dy


Guru Meditation Statute Minito2mz

Guru Meditation Statute Maitrechocolatiere1tz Guru's Goals

The primary goal is having fun, since Rappelz is a game.

Guru Meditation Statute Maitrechocolatiere1tz ENTERING Guru

Admission Requirements: minimum level => 100+.
Admission require a main character with lvl 100, or in case you apply for an alt minimum level required is =>130+.
Official languages for the guild is English, members must be able to understand and express their opinion in english, with the possible aid of other members who speak the same language.

Members of GURU Meditation can be recruited among all player of tortus server.

Admission to GURU Meditation guild is INVITE only.

Prior to extending an invite to a possible new member a poll must be held, following the standard process for normal decisions.
A sponsor will take care of posting the poll on the forum in the Recruitment section.

Every aspect of guild rules have to be known and accepted by the candidate member, before being admitted.

The reference timezone for the guild is Central European Time (CET): GMT+1 (GMT+2 during Daylight Saving time)
To be able to join the guild it is necessary to be able to play during the evening and in weekends.

Guru Meditation Statute Maitrechocolatiere1tz DISCIPLINARY/LEAVING Guru

Friendship between guild members is a commitment for all participants.
In case of any disagreement or quarrels between players, they need to be solved between the involved parties, with the wish of all the members that an agreement be found.

Leaving the guild is allowed to help friendly guilds in TA or Siege events. If possible, prior notice should be given to other members.

If a disagreement or other argument should lead to one member leaving the guild, harassment of the former member is forbidden to guildies.

Whoever leaves the guild after a disagreement, quarrel, argument, or misunderstanding with one or more member of the guild might be allowed back in the guild provided the reason for the guild leaving does not hold anymore and if the guild votes the readmission following the Extraordinary decision process.

Any inappropriate behavior, or violation of guild rules must be DOCUMENTED via screen shot posted on the forum, after which any disciplinary actions will be evaluated.

Guru Meditation Statute Maitrechocolatiere1tz Decisional Process
Active players
Decisions inside the guild are taken with agreement between active players.
Active members are defined by their participation in the forum
A guild member will be considered inactive after for instance ten (10) days of not partecipating in the forum during normal periods, and thirty (30) days during holyday period.
Players that plan long periods of absence from the game should post a note in the "Absence" section of the forum.
Inactive members are eligible for being removed from the guild via a Normal decision process.

Normal decisions
Normal decision include recruiting, destination of guild funds, objectives for TA or Sieges.
Normal decision process is via a post or poll on the forum clearly stating the object of the discussion (one single item per poll)
Normal decisions are taken based on the simple majority principle.
There will be a one week time for all member of the guild to post his/her opinion or cast their vote.
Decision will be taken after a week from the initial posting or in case majority is reached before.

Extraordinary decisions
Extraordinary decision include disciplinary actions(i.e. banning of guild members), modification to guild rules, war declarations.
Extraordinary decision process is via a post or poll on the forum clearly stating the object of the discussion (one single item per poll)
Extraordinary decisions are taken based on the absolute majority principle

Emergency decisions
Emergency decisions include both normal and extraordinary decision, which are so urgent that the common decision process cannot be applied.
Emergency decision are taken based on the respective majority principle, but the voting base is restricted to members that are at the moment available (either in guild or voice chat).
After an emergency decision is taken, it can be overruled later by either Normal or Extraordinary decision process.

Guru Meditation Statute Maitrechocolatiere1tzRole of the Guild Master
The Guild Master represent the guild versus all other players of Tortus Server.
The Guild Master is responsible for initiating TA and Siege events.
The Guild Master is also a player, and must be allowed to play the game as all other members are.
The Guild Master has no special power over other guild members and is required to abide to the rules like all other members.
Guild Mastership is an elective role and can be changed by the Extraordinary decision process.
If for any reason the guild master is not able to participate in guild life for a short period, Mastership can be temporarily conferred to any other guild member via the Normal or Emergency Decision process.
Some tasks, like management of the forum, or management of any guild shared resource will be handled by other players bedsides the Guild Master, based on their willingness to accept the task.

Guru Meditation Statute Maitrechocolatiere1tz GURU's code of conduct

General conduct:
- Fairness versus other players and particularly versus other guildies is required from all members.
- Insults or offensive words regarding religious, political, racial, and similar matters are not accepted without any exception in any chat or forum.
- PK activities for futile reasons are not allowed, also creating mob trains with the aim of harming other parties on a dungeon spot, intentional Kill Stealing and any other activity that would hurt the name of GURU MEDITATION is forbidden.

Obligations to Guild:
- Any guild official event must be announced on the forum, and advertised in guild chat.
- Events relating to separate games instance (Time Attack and Dungeon Siege) have priority over any other game event.
- Active partecipation to guild forum is not optional, since guild actions will be managed via this tool.
- No member has any particular obligation to others: the main goal is to have fun, and rappelz is only a game. No one should be forced to do anything against his/her will, unless this does not contrast with the other rules.
- Members are invited to answer to help request from other guildies and possibly also from members of allied or friendly guilds, it is not advised to exceed in requiring help from other guildies.
- Confidential guild information should not be disclosed to non allied guilds on the server.

Guild sharing:
- GuruMeditation guild promotes clan sharing of cards and equipment.
- In What do u need? Folder in GURU MEDITATION section on the forum every guild member should post, and mantain accurate, his/her character status sheet.
- Clan Sharing of cards and equipment will be done with other members, considering data inserted in character status sheets on the forum.
- members willing to share equipment or cards should post in the Stores section of the forum

Use of guild chat:
- English language should be used preferably in guild chat, in order to allow everybody to follow the conversation,
- Use of other languages is allowed, but should be limited.
- It is expressely forbidden to insult or deride guild members in a language they are not able to understand.
- Puns and jokes are not considered insults to the extent of the previous rule.
- Spam in guild chat is not allowed.

Guru Meditation Statute Maitrechocolatiere1tz GURU's communication channels

The preferred means of communicating between members, are:
- forum (for any notice that needs to reach every member and that are not urgent)
- In-game guild panel (for emergency notice to members)
- Skype or TeamSpeak (for party coordination)
Guild leader

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