Patch notes 11/07/12

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Patch notes 11/07/12 Empty Patch notes 11/07/12

Post by Elthan on Fri Jul 13, 2012 5:14 pm

* Butkadah Card drop rate has been increased
* Koala Enhanced Dice tool tip information has been corrected
* Client based message has been fixed
* Pure white Lydian's color has been fixed
* Graphics have been patched for a red lines showing in the river near horizon and Siren island
* Avalanche potion has been fixed
* Tart Magic Shield description updated (Turtle?)
* Blue Pixie Skill: Shadow Illusion has been fixed
* JP pet bug has been fixed
* Ended server-wide 50% bonus drop rate

Patch notes 11/07/12 3544 me at work: Patch notes 11/07/12 1287051610-fuckyou

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